What is the Best Accounting Software for Engineers?

Not all accounting software is created equal. In particular, accounting software for engineers has unique features, in contrast to general-purpose software. In this article, we will recommend the top-rated products for the profession and industry.

Clearview InFocus

This project-based solution was specifically created with big and medium-sized engineering and architectural firms in mind. Users can manage their company’s project lifecycle with tools for billing costs and time and real-time accounting.

InFocus has customizable invoicing and report-building capabilities. Moreover, it offers interactive Gantt control, multiple levels for work breakdown structure (WBS), sales and marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Finally, it provides tools for automating workflows, business intelligence with analytic dashboards, and more.


This cloud-based online software offers engineers a wide variety of features. It incorporates all functions you need to keep track of and manage your business transactions. Moreover, having accounting experience is not necessary to use FreshBooks. The software makes it possible to invite coworkers to enter their own hours, collaborate on projects, and log expenses. In addition, its dashboard will show a snapshot of income and expenses. Finally, FreshBooks generates financial statements in no time, not to mention a host of other reports.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books offers end-to-end accounting, from invoicing and sales orders to negotiating deals. The software takes care of repetitive accounting tasks so you can focus on your business. It creates GST-compliant invoices, lets you file tax returns, and informs you of tax liabilities. Moreover, the system is equipped with tens of apps, helping you work wherever you are.

Oracle NetSuite

The self-proclaimed #1 cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution worldwide is equipped with a central platform to run CRM, accounting, and other back-office processes. In addition, it features inbuilt reporting, business intelligence, and real-time visibility. Oracle NetSuite helps engineers reduce IT costs, do away with operational incompetence, and foster growth, enabling them to focus on their complex tasks.

Deskera ERP

This intuitive, robust suite of business solutions aims to simplify and make digital transformation more affordable. The software helps engineers launch activity and manage and grow their business. So far, Deskera has helped tens of thousands of companies worldwide unlock their potential. The latest upgrade of its ERP product suite brings a customized, intuitive experience, offering insight into the most important metrics. The host of products helps engineers and other industry professionals manage the whole spectrum of their accounting needs.


Engineers looking for a solution that is compliant with any of their existing or current operations will find Multiview a great option. In addition, this software features a set of financial solutions that provide great data visibility, integrating 14 modules that you can use in a number of configurations. Therefore, Multiview’s versatile solutions will also be useful to professionals outside of engineering. The company’s rates are based on the number of users.

This financial management solution comes with accounts payable, financial reporting and analytics, accounts receivable, invoicing, fixed assets, and general ledger with budgeting. Importantly, end users can control and monitor processes using alerts with dashboards, Imaging, WorkFlow, and ViewSource360.


Finally, this software is a cloud-based ERP solution with broad applications. It is used by medium and large businesses, non-profit organizations, corporations, and public institutions in multiple industries, including engineering. The solution helps its users manage daily operations by automating processes ranging from invoice entry to bank reconciliation.

Users have access to real-time reporting, GL analysis, billing and invoicing, drill-down capabilities, time and expense tracking. In addition, Xledger provides dashboards, graphs, analytics tools, multi-currency capabilities, workflow collaboration, and even donation management tools.

With Xledger, you can also configure hierarchies automatically by means of the inheritance principle. The software also features asset and payroll management and customer relationship management.

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