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A Piezomotor Breakthrough

Harnessing the Power of the Ultrasonic Wave

Our high-torque, non-electromagnetic products overcome many of
the limitations of conventional electric motors, delivering fast
response and ultra-smooth motion. read more

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Our Versatile Product Line

Can Easily Serve Almost Any Purpose

Cutting-edge ultrasonic standing wave-type piezomotors from DTI
provide a superior and cost-effective alternative
to conventional EM motors. read more

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See the Limitless Potential

Of Our Custom Applications at Work

Piezomotors offer significant advantages in precision
motion control and flow control applications in
diversified industries. read more

Discovery Technology International, Inc. (DTI) is a specialized designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic standing wave-type piezoelectric motors, also known as "piezomotors". A piezomotor is essentially an electrical motor that does not rely on magnetism for movement. Instead, motion of a piezomotor is created by applying electricity to a special piezoceramic material that forms a part of the piezomotor. DTI's piezomotors are divided into three main product types; rotary piezomotors, linear piezomotors and piezoelectric valves.

Some key advantages that piezomotors have over conventional electromagnetic motors include; high torque, exceptional resolution and fast reaction time. Additionally, piezomotors offer great potential for miniaturization and can be used without a gear drive in many applications. As such, they offer significant benefits in motion and flow control applications throughout diverse industries, including; medical device, aerospace, semiconductor, telecommunications, industrial and automotive.

Flow Control Application Saves Millions

Flow Control Application Saves Millions

The dual function property of DTI piezomotors is a key factor in helping a US flow-control company to save millions of dollars in slurry waste. more

Technology That Simplifies

The standing wave-type piezomotors developed by DTI provide superior performance compared to traditional EM motors and other types of piezoelectric motors. Enjoy increased performance, scalable design technology and simplified low-voltage control at a competitive more


Custom-Made Applications

DTI's piezomotor technology presents a new era of limitless design and application possibilities for innovative commercial products in many different industries. Our technical expertise and readiness to develop and support custom-made solutions provides the critical competitive edge enabling our customers to increase their respective market share.

DTI's experience includes collaborating with many firms representing some of the leading industrial sectors, including; biomedicine, optics, semiconductor, automotive, industrial & robotic, defense & security and other leading industrial sectors. more

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